The Way It Works In Vegas

The is a place where Las Vegas visitors go to sign up for guest list services in advance to gain access to the top night clubs, day clubs, and pool parties in the world. These venues include Hakkasan, XS, Marquee, Light, Surrender, Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, Marquee Dayclub, Daylight Beach Club, and Drais Rooftop Day and Nightclub. On any given night at most of these exclusive venues there is what can be likened to as a mini-concert taking place. There is such high demand for access to these venues causing a number of inconveniences for the average Las Vegas visitor who wants to attend these high profile clubs. Inconveniences such as a relatively high cover charge ($20-$200) depending on the night, long waits at the line, and high priced beverages ($15-$25 per drink). Most people who have the desire to attend these top Las Vegas nightclubs are usually motivated by high-profile DJ performances, attractive people who attend, and the ability to showcase their status; spending wars between whales are not uncommon at the top clubs in Vegas - we've seen receipts of over $250,000 on one beverage tab! For the average Joe in Vegas looking for a good party and has no idea where to go or how to get in once they decide on a club, is great solution! We offer a way to get into these top venues with little to no wait (buying pre-sale tickets). There is another option for our visitors which is filling out the guestlist form on the site. The requests sent by filling out this form are forwarded directly to the selected club's representative of our choice. Each club rep we use gives our visitors precise information on what it will take to get in based on the date requested on the form. We encourage our visitors to use registration form on the home page or the Guest List Registration sign up page but know that priority access goes in the following order:

1. Pre-sale ticket buyers get 1st priority.

2. Groups with ONLY girls in them gain entry in 10 minutes or less and are sometimes provided with 1-2 free drinks. Fill out the form here.

3. Mixed groups (girls/guys in the group) & general admission (30 min-2 hour wait).